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I dedicate this article to the late Carlota Castro, once a RE/MAX agent, my wife’s favorite aunt, and one of the kindest human beings that I have ever known.  Doña Carlota, your legacy lives on!

Earlier this year, 20/20 Translations was retained by RE/MAX Dominican Republic. We simultaneously translated into Spanish presentations given in English for the “Broker 101” course at RE/MAX World Headquarters in Denver, Colorado. 


With RE/MAX brokers from Dominican Republic.  Left to right: Jacinto Sims, Gisenlly Ferreira, Natalia Facundo, Eliana Guerrero, Wanda del Orbe, Elizabeth Martinez, Rodelixsa Manzueta, Melido Marte, Cathy Bahr, David L. Lauman, Isely Almanzar, Alex Tonos, Candia Arias, José Matos, Marianela Lozano, Franklyn Justo.

With Cathy Bahr

Cathy Bahr, a veteran interpreter and an excellent colleague, was my teammate for this event.  Taking half hour turns at the microphone, she and I worked in a soundproof room attached to the conference hall where the course was held. 

David L. Lauman simultaneously interpreting a presentation into Spanish.
Left to right: Franklyn Justo, Eliana Guerrero, Natalia Facundo, Candia Arias, Isely Almanzar and Jose Matos  listening to simultaneous interpretation of a Broker 101 presenter in Spanish. 

The Dominicans listened to our live Spanish translation through portable wireless headsets.  We also interpreted their questions and comments into English and broadcasted them into the conference hall for the presenters and English-speaking brokers in attendance.  

It was particularly exciting to interpret remarks and questions from Elizabeth Martinez, one of the Dominican Republic’s top real estate brokers, and Melido Marte, Co-Owner and Regional Director of RE/MAX Dominican Republic.  Thank you, Melido and Elizabeth, for your sage advice and testimonials! 

With Elizabeth Martinez
With Marianela Lozano and Melido Marte, Co-Owners, RE/MAX Dominican Republic

Cathy and I also provided face-to-face Spanish interpretation for small-group breakout sessions during this conference. It was fun assisting with group exercises, such as the one shown below.  

Left to right: Melido Marte, Wanda del Orbe, Candia Arias, Isely Almanzar, Jose Matos, Jacinto Sims, Gisenlly Ferreira, David L. Lauman

It has been an honor to add value to the RE/MAX brokers’ businesses through effective translation and interpretation.  We look forward to doing the same for you and your international business!

There are a number of individuals to whom I owe special thanks. 

Meagan O’Leary at RE/MAX World Headquarters answered our many questions during the event and shared this fantastic video testimonial.

Meagan is an excellent example of a presenter who moderates her rate of speech when working through simultaneous interpreters. This helped us simultaneously convey every nuance of her presentation into Spanish while allowing the Dominican brokers to get the most out of the significant investment they made to travel to Denver and take Broker 101. It is extremely difficult for even the best simultaneous interpreters to fully translate a message “on the fly” delivered at over 190 words per minute.

Ethiennette Rodriquez, Lynn Hawkins, Torie Lockwood, Tom Maynor, Kevin Hawthorne, and other RE/MAX World Headquarters staff were incredibly supportive.

Rosie Tifre, and Juan Carlos Rofes provided invaluable assistance.

Graciela Marte, at RE/MAX Dominican Republic Regional Offices in Santo Domingo did a great job at helping orchestrate advance arrangements. 

Carol Hannibal, Steve Mines, and Katerina Borghi, provided invaluable editing and feedback on this post.

Last but not least, I owe a big thank you to RE/MAX Dominican Republic and the Dominican brokers, and to you, my readers, for making it to the end of this post. Please visit us at www.2020translations.com.